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Jauchzet Gott! Thrilling performance

The Telegraph, Ivan Hewett

Some performers possess the music they perform, others are possessed by it. Ton Koopman, harpsichordist and leader of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, is definitely one of the latter sort.
In their all-Bach concert which opened the Spitalfield Festival, Koopman revealed that naive delight in Bach's pattern-making which makes him such an endearing performer to behold. In the opening piece, the C major Suite, Koopman seized hold of the upbeat figures in the brass and urged them on to the downbeat with ecstatic impatience. The age-old pattern of the dance, where leaping energie constantly gives way to gravity, was made vividly real. (...)
Cantata "Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen", is a festive piece which turns the soprano into a vocal trumpet, leaping vertiginously in duet with a real trumpet. It was a thrill to see trumpeter David Hendry brace himself like a weightlifter and send his high notes aloft. Mields - a shrewd singer as well as a beautifully natural one - didn't try to compete. Instead she just allowed her hgh notes to soar of their own accord. Grace met with strenght, and matched.

Al this dancing energy was thrilling. But there's an other side to Koopman, a feeling for the way grace and pathos entwine themselves in Bach's slow movements. It was beautifully revealed in the opening movement of Cantata 202, where the melting of winter was captured in a duet between Mields and Antoine Toruncyk of heart-rending beauty. (...)